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Big Night America 2023

ShamrockFest 2024


HiBall Events is hosting the first annual National Ice Cream Fest!



HiBall Events not only produces some of the largest New Year’s Eve events in the country, but is also a top-tiered meeting planning company specializing in hotel and venue site selection as well as contract negotiations.

Site Selection: We find meeting locations for social organizations, associations, government agencies and more!


Meeting Planning/Production Services: HiBall Events can handle your event or meeting from inception to completion. Our planners are experts in the field coupled with HiBall Events’ resources we can work closely with you to plan, produce and execute a great event or program that is both cost effective, and achieves your specific business objectives.

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Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 12.13.23 PM
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Dance Floor Party
Dance Floor DJ
Casey Lorz Photo
Casey Lorz Photo
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