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Great American Festival Featuring Eve 6 - Saturday June 30!

As the days grow closer to the Great American Festival, it would only be best to spotlight one of the premier bands coming to the festival. Eve 6 plans to head line at 8:40 pm at the National Harbor. This talented So-Cal pop-punk trio is going to bring it all as they perform on the waterfront stage at the beautiful National Harbor.

Here is a little background on the triumphs and tribulations of this infamous band whom is now back together after four years separated.

Max Collins, Jon Siebels and Tony Fagenson could not even share a drink of celebration as their first record when platinum in 1998. This classic trio blew up from the late 90’s into the early millennium as they’re most infamous song “ Inside out” attained platinum success with hit singles in 1998 capturing the #1 spot on the Modern Rock charts and successfully on to Top 40 radio.

Soon after success followed them, in 2004, they decided to break up.

This was short lived however. In 2008 ,Collins and Fagenson eventually reunited all of Eve 6, with guitarist Matt Bair temporarily replacing Siebels The band spent the next two years touring, writing and reconnecting with fans, then in 2011,signed with Fearless Records.

"The time we spent apart really made us appreciate what we have in each other. It's a chemistry you can't manufacture,” adds Collins. “We literally grew up playing music together. The bond that we have as a result of so much shared experience infuses the sound of the band." (

A month within inking the deal Collins and Fagenson finally convinced Siebels to return to the fold.

“After going down some different paths it hit me that there was this thing out there that people wanted and wanted to hear,” explains Siebels. “It just clicked and made sense to me. After such a long break I was so happy to be playing with these guys again”, says Fagenson (

Eve 6 then re-enlisted Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Dashboard Confessional, Good Charlotte, Pearl Jam)—who produced the first two Eve 6 full-lengths—to wheel the sessions for their new album. With all the lead time, the album contains a mix of compositions that began as far back as 2002 as well as recent works written in the months leading up to the recording process.

Fagenson says “Being in a band is like a marriage; it's like a family. You're in the trenches with these guys, and sometimes it's easy and awesome, and sometimes it's not so easy.” (

After nearly seven years of triumphs, tribulations, time and money spent, Speak In Code, show’s the bands hard work, and genuine emotions in the album.

Eve 6 say the time rebuilding was essential to regaining their footing, which seems more solid in 2012 than ever. "In a lot of ways, the years leading up to this album release was a bit of a ‘paying our dues’ situation. We certainly had to earn the right to have this opportunity again,” says Fagenson. “This time around I think we realized just how hard it is to really get a rock band going and just when you think you're near the finish line you realize there's another hundred miles to go. But all that work and time simply strengthened our belief in what we were doing, and it was a crucial aspect of our development. It really taught us about stick-with-it-ness and perseverance."(

Speak In Code was released on April 24th, as the band prepared for their much-awaited reintroduction to fans.

Now part of the Fearless Records family, it’s a guarantee Eve 6’s music will reach a wide, eager audience of potential devotees, and a full slate of touring behind the release for this year.

“We’re looking forward to playing new songs, and reconnecting to the fans with new material,” says Collins. “I feel this profound gratitude to the other two guys in my band. We've been through a lot—we've had the mountaintop moments and the Death Valley moments—and we're still here today, we all get along, and we made this thing together. It's almost miraculous, to me. (Collins

Everyone is truly so excited to see them perform at the Great American Festival as they display their musical talents to an array of fans.

For more information on Eve 6, visit

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