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Experience the Magic of Irish Partying at HiBall Events to benefit Forest Planet!

🍀 Exciting Announcement from Hiball Events! 🍀

Dear ShamrockFest Community,

Shamrockfest has exciting news to share! Having marked two decades of St. Paddy’s celebrations in Washington DC and Arlington, VA, we are excited to announce our new venue and a fresh new name for the event. Get ready for Forest Planet's VA Irish Fest to raise money to plant trees!

Exciting Location We are coming to One Loudoun!! Our move to One Loudoun brings the festival to an exciting, up-and-coming location with more space than ever before, making it the hotspot to be. The festival grounds are right next to some of the best restaurants and bars in the area!

Back to Our Roots While we may not be able to match the scale of ShamrockFest at this time, we're excited to have this opportunity to reimagine the experience at One Loudoun in Ashburn, VA. But we're also going back to why we started the event: to showcase local, regional talent,  a fun event with your friends, enjoy a day of music, meet new people, and let everyone be Irish for a day.

New Beginnings The Virginia Irish Fest is an exciting step forward for us, opening a new chapter filled with partnerships, collaborations, and enjoyable experiences for all. It's not the end of Shamrockfest; rather, it's an extension that will evolve into a bigger and better experience, keeping the Shamrockfest spirit alive and thriving!

We understand that change can bring apprehension but we’re confident the new location and rebranding is the step towards the right direction as we continue to evolve. We want to assure you that the spirit of celebration and Irish cheer will continue at the Virginia Irish Fest,

Mark your calendar Saturday, March 16 for an unforgettable weekend packed with music, dancing, a variety of different food vendors, authentic Irish merchandise and of course, plenty of green!

For the latest information on the VA Irish Fest:

Thank you for your continued support. Here's to celebrating Irish heritage in the heart of Virginia!


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