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Great American Festival 2012- Nothing Can Stop HiBall Events!

The Great American Festival rocked National Harbor on June 30th, and for all of that attended it was a huge success and amazing night. Fans crowed around all piers at national harbor joining in on the celebration for American’s birthday.

With a drink in everyone’s hand, we all successfully beat the heat and had fun.

Favorites like Eve 6, The Dance party and DJ Pat Premier made the crowd roar as fireworks lit up the night sky, giving everybody a great beat to dance to, ending the festival in a fantastic way.

Even as the festival was a huge success, the Great American Team had since tread through rocky waters’ (to say the least) in preparation for the festival.

As most of us were awaiting the arrival of the Great American Festival to hit National Harbor on June 30th, few saw the huge thunderstorm that rocked the DC/Maryland area coming. For National Harbor, HiBall Events, Lindy Promotions and all of our staff, we soon realized we had to prepare quickly for the arrival of the storm as it hit the harbor nearly 12 hours before the festival had planned to start.

Per everyone’s arrival on June 30th, every crewmember was in awe as the scene of stages, tents and tables (“oh my!’) were consumed by the Potomac River.

We all knew we had work cut out for us as we blazed the National Harbor waterfront shouting, “ the show must go on!”

The storm that rocked the DC area was no match for the Great American Festival. In extreme cases like this, the weather was our toughest challenge for the 2012 Great American Festival. At HiBall Events we dedicate ourselves to our fans and only take this as yet another example of how nothing can stop us from throwing amazing events!

Check out the before and after pics on the website and also on our Facebook!

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