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Summer 2017 Festival Recap

There’s nothing quite like walking into a music festival. Everyone is excited to be there; people are smiling and high fiving strangers as the line progresses. Once you make it through security you can snap a picture with your friend and embark on the many adventures your day will bring. I had the privilege of going to Bonnaroo and Firefly this year so I got to explore the fun activities both festivals had to offer.

At Bonnaroo I checked out the many incredible shops and food vendors they had this year. There are shops for everything you can think of, from aromatherapy to shoes. Not only does Bonnaroo have boutiques, they have stations where you can learn about different charities and organizations that do good year round. I looked through all the shops and stations Bonnaroo offered, and then I made my way to the vendors. Bonnaroo has great food options for whatever food you like, but I enjoyed the mac and cheese and the big slices of pizza. I also explored the silent disco and enjoyed the tunes from DJ NSR. In the times I wasn’t running from stage to stage to see amazing acts like U2 and Lorde, I checked out other fun things like the comedy tent, ferris wheel, the fountain, and the water slide. Bonnaroo truly is a music and arts festival, which is clear from the decorative designs on the walls surrounding the festival grounds. The festival is a beautiful place to explore the many fun things it has to offer while seeing great music.

At Firefly, in between acts such as Twenty One Pilots and Flume, I went to the silent disco and listened to a selection of pop hits that got everyone in The Thicket singing and dancing. I also explored the Nook, where there were plenty of hammocks for festival goers to relax on. At a four-day festival like Firefly, having a shady place to hang out is essential, and the hammock hangout was a prime location. I also walked through a shady path with beautiful lights hanging from the trees, displaying what amazing scenery The Woodlands have to offer. Firefly also had plenty of food vendors to choose from, but I went with noodles and enjoyed them thoroughly. Both festivals offered a variety of different fun and unique activities to do between concerts, creating a happy and exciting environment for every festival goer!

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